Rates & Policies

Summer Rates
June 23-Sept 4, 2017
Fall, Winter, Spring
April 1-June 22 2017/Sept 5- Oct 31, 2017
Rooms Persons Cottages Lakeside Rooms Persons Cottages Lakeside
1 Bedroom 2 $245 $270 1 Bedroom 2 $160 $195
2 Bedroom 4 $285 $310 2 Bedroom 4 $175 $220
3 Bedroom 5 $310 n/a 3 Bedroom 5 $220 n/a

*Memorial Day Weekend is at Summer Rates

Pet Policy
You brought your pet! For over 50 years we have been welcoming guests and their companions to our resort. We are aware that there are very few establishments in the Chelan Valley that allow pets. We recognize that, for a number of you, it is an important part of your vacation experience to travel with your pet. We want to continue to offer this option. However, we need your help. Complying with a few simple rules will help insure that guests can come here with their companions in the future.

  • Please be considerate of others. Do not allow your pet to bark, yowl, or whine. Although there is room around each of the cottage, such noise travels easily and can disturb others.
  • Do not allow your pet off of a leash. You may allow your dog to swim free on the beach area behind the gas dock and you may also allow your pet to run free on the trails behind the cabins. Otherwise, while on the beach or on the cabin roads, please keep your pet leashed. Pets are not allowed in the enclosed lake swimming area. 
  • Pick up your messes. You all know how this works, keep a plastic bag handy, scoop up the mess and deposit it in a garbage can.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in your cottage. Animals are more likely to make noise in strange surroundings so do not leave them, you won’t be aware of the noise but others will be. If everyone in your party wants to go out to dinner some evening, tell us and we will try to arrange an hourly rate with one of the local kennels.
  • Pets are not allowed, by state law, within the enclosure at the swimming pool; so do not bring your pet to the pool, please.
  • Do not allow your animals on the beds, futons or sofas. The majority of the physical damage occurs when pets are allowed on the furniture either because the owners ignore it or because the pets are left alone(see D). The surcharge for bringing a pet does not cover any expense incurred in cleaning bedspreads, futon covers, sofa, pillows, etc. If it is necessary to pay the cleaning staff to hand remove hair or stains we will post charge you at the rate of $20 per hour. It is impossible to wash blankets & bedspreads with the general laundry until they are free of hair and stains.