Manson Hydrofest 2023

Manson HydroFest 2023 is just around the corner and excitement is already building! The event promises high speed action and a host of other fun activities. September 30th through October 1st, on Washington’s Lake Chelan.

There’s always some kind of fun brewing here at Lake Chelan. Festivals, concerts, boating, swimming, biking, hiking, skydiving, wineries, and so very much more. One of the year’s bigger highlights, however, is the Manson’s annual hydroplane festival.

We see a lot of boats on Lake Chelan but none as unique and exciting as the hydroplanes.

Hydroplanes unique design make them to rise up to plane across the water, rather than plowing through it.  This reduces the hull’s friction with the water, allowing the hydroplane to go much faster than traditional motorboats.

As you can imagine, this makes hydroplanes very popular for racing, especially at events like Manson HydroFest.

Manson HydroFest 2023

Manson HydroFest 2023 is September 30th through October 1st, on Lake Chelan, in Manson, WA.

Manson Hydrofest races

The event is typically sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association and often serves as the Western Divisional Championships. Participating crews can earn points towards a National High Points Championship.

Attendees to the event can expect to see more than 40 boats in 14 different classifications, and that’s not all. Though this year’s event schedule is still pending, past events have included parties, bbqs, live music, hydroplane exhibitions, and much more.

One of the big highlights occurs in downtown Manson when they exhibit the hydroplanes along Main Street. Come enjoy an up-close view these unique craft and join in the fun. The event includes food and drink opportunities, including excellent local wines, and this year’s Hydrofest t-shirt will also be on sale.

Race days also include an opportunity to tour the pits and the Manson Fire Department usually has delicious bbq for sale. It all wraps up on Sunday, October 1st, with an awards and closing ceremony. Visit for more information on the festival.

Manson, WA is down the shore and across the lake from Kelly’s Resort; about a half hour’s drive southeast. Our lakeside location allows for easy access to the many tasting rooms and restaurants in both Chelan and Manson.

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