Paraglide Chelan

Looking to take your Chelan getaway to new heights? Experience high-flying adventure on a tandem paraglide flight with Paraglide Chelan!

There is no end to the fun you can have at Lake Chelan. Swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, wining, dining, shopping, and more. For the truly adventurous, there’s white water rafting, ziplines, parasailing, skydiving and, you guessed it: paragliding.

For those not in the know, a paraglider is a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider, similar to a hang-glider but with an inflatable wing. The pilot and passenger are suspended below the wing in a harness for an exciting, open air flight.

Chelan has long been a skydiving and paragliding destination. In fact, the U.S. Open of Paragliding is held here every June! Now Paraglide Chelan is offering you a chance to experience the breathtaking adventure of paragliding!

Paraglide Chelan

Paraglide Chelan offers two kinds of tandem flights, all expertly piloted by USHPA Licensed Tandem instructors.

Paraglide Chelan launching

The Tandem Paraglide Flight sees you securely attached to your instructor for a relaxing paraglide flight. All you need do is sit back and take in those stunning, Chelan Valley views. Your pilot will happily speed up, slow down, or otherwise customize the flight just for you. What fun!

The Tandem Winery Paraglide Flight ups the ante with a chauffeured ride from one of Lake Chelan’s Wineries to Paraglide Chelan. Then it’s a scenic shuttle ride to the top of Chelan Butte for an exhilarating launch and flight over Lake Chelan. The experience wraps up with a landing among the vineyards and a bottle of wine of your choice. Fantastic!

Enjoy eye-popping views of Lake Chelan, the Columbia River, and the Cascade Mountains no matter which flight you chose. You are, after all, in one of the most beautiful flying spots in the world!

Speedflying and Paramotoring

Paraglide Chelan also offers courses in Speedflying and Paramotoring.

Speedflying, the fastest growing “extreme” sport in the world, was developed by experienced paragliders and skydivers looking for bigger, steeper, faster thrills. Learning to speedfly can take as little as 7-10 days for new pilots and 2-4 days for experienced skydivers and paragliders. It’s definitely dangerous but, with proper training, is an exhilarating sport you can take far off the beaten path.

Paraglide Chelan flight over Chelan Valley

Paramotoring, or Powered Paragliding, is an easy and affordable form of motorized flight that lets you feel the true freedom of flight. Learn paramotoring in as little as 7-10 days with highly trained and certified ASC and USPPA instructors. Even better, once you’re through the entire course, you get free continued instruction for life. Wow!

Visit the Paraglide Chelan website for more information about hours, prices, and more. You can also find them on Facebook.

Paraglide Chelan is based at the Lake Chelan Airport: 201 Airport Way in Chelan, WA. This is just a half-hour’s drive from Kelly’s Resort, open seasonally, April through November in 2023. Come stay at our cottages and lakeside condos to enjoy enclosed lake swimming, docks, a heated pool, laundry facilities, and much more. Book your Lake Chelan getaway at Kelly’s Resort today!